NET CARD – first presentations

A new generation of business cards is a contactless card with all your contacts and even links to your profiles on social networks!

Who wants to manually enter all this data from a printed card? Yes, no one. And if they are already on your phone, then you can easily and simply add friends on Facebook, Instagram, subscribe to a YouTube channel ..!

Information is transmitted via the NFC system, which is present in all modern phones. This is the same technology that allows you to pay in the store via phone.

Information transfer speed – less than 3 seconds after signal detection. All that remains for you is to click the “Save” button.

But the possibilities of this card are much wider! If you have your own shop, bar, etc, then using this card you can collect the data of your customers, and after do the newsletter by email or SMS, you can send invitations to private meetings, make individual offers and increase the check of your customers each time.

Imagine your implementation for this card, and we will create it for you!

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