Why aren’t social networks selling?

The meaning of social networks at the moment has been reduced to collecting more money from users. Therefore, Instagram and Facebook have introduced new algorithms that mercilessly cut your posts. Your own subscribers can no longer see you if you do not pay money.

But even if you pay, the situation does not improve.

Therefore, now is the time to create your own website, a blog where you can freely share valuable information.

The more interesting content you create (and I’m sure that you already do this if you have social networks), the more often people find you.

If your hose breaks on your car, where will you look for information, how to replace it? On instagram and facebook? I don’t think so. Nevertheless, you will go to ask a question to Google or Yandex. It is they who are engaged in indexing information from your site.

And on your website there will be not only instructions on how to replace the hose, but also a button to buy this hose.

Do you know what is most important in my work? This is not a website creation. And the subsequent support of my clients, who first encountered the need to run their site, do not know how the article differs from the page, how to attach a picture to make it  beautiful and so on.

Fear is the main reason why you still don’t have a website. So, I will guide you through this new world. I create a site, and then right on your site I record video instructions with answers to your questions. Each site is created individually, so I do not have a general instruction, I help you.

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