What can I do for you

What can I do for you …

Websites on WordPress
-Creating a landing page
-Creation of an online store
-Creation of a site-blog
-Creating a Business Card Site

-Journal articles
-Articles for SMM
-Articles for web pages

Professional videography
-Video shooting

Video filming for the company
–Video shooting of people
–Creative video shooting
-Video editing
–Editing video content for bloggers
–Editing video content for companies
–Editing home video archives

Professional photography
-Editing photos

Photo editing for bloggers and individuals

Photo editing for companies
–Creative photography
–Professional photography of people
–Photography for the company
–Photographing food and dishes
–Photography of industries, factories and interiors
-Professional photo and video model

Business Consulting
-Business plan
-Brand plan
–Brand plan of the company
–Brand product plan

Development of a personal brand
-Marketing planning
-Marketing analysis

Design and image
-Business card design
-Logo design
-Presentation design
-Personal image
-Development of a press kit
-Development of a color palette

-Russian, English, Italian languages

Internet promotion
-Analysis of web page performance
-Promotion on Instagram
-Send email

Souvenirs and printing
-Corporate decorations
-Other souvenir and printing products

Programming your contactless business cards NET CARD

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