Landing page of iconic product

Single product store. For such purposes, it is very convenient to have a landing page that collects data from interested people. Then the manager contacts potential customers and concludes the sale.

The advantages of this site:

  1. One product, the merits of which can be described in full. Here we can also leave the feedback from previous customers, creating an image of a company or a product.
  2. The client is already warmed up, he/she leaves his/her contacts, that is, he is already ripe for making a purchase.
  3. The ability to agree on the specifics of the order, for example, to clarify the size of the product, negotiate the terms of delivery.
  4. Low cost of both the site itself and the contact with the client.
  5. There is no confusing hierarchy with many products, the client follows a simple scheme.
  6. In the case of selling a virtual product or service, you can automate the site 100% – the sale will be made without the need to control the process.

We present to your attention a site for the sale of one product – a sweater, which is based on the legendary film of the Perestroika period in Russia “Brother”.

The site contains a detailed description of the product. The sale is closed after contacting the manager. Delivery of goods takes place all over the world. The product is created individually for the size of the customer.

This site has been successfully selling for more than two years, the goods were sent both to the countries of the former USSR and to different cities of Russia itself. Since clients are men, they rarely write reviews, in the entire history there was only one complaint about the product, after which the cost was fully refunded and the sweater was returned.

When creating a landing page, we embed keywords for a product or service, set up robots that interact with the search engines Yandex and Google. In this case, the site sells even without investments in advertising in these search engines, that is, automatically.

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