What professions can survive in the era of coronavirus?

Most of the work that we do can continue to be done online, offline while maintaining distance and personal hygiene.

My sister is a makeup artist. Will she manage to have a job further? Her work, just as jobs of many of us depends on others. If earlier she could makeup girls for parties, now the number of parties will be clearly less. But! For example, an online psychologist appears. That is, before she worked offline, but this work can be done online as well. What is needed for this? Attract attention to your personality in the ocean of information and social networks.

And then the psychologist orders a website for herself, for example, from me. She does a hairstyle at the hairdresser, makeup from my sister, orders a professional photo session from a professional photographer (for example, also from me), turns to an smm specialist (I can also do this too), draws up a competent marketing plan, writes articles and receives clients, to whom now she can help further on.

Which conclusion is that? It seems that I will enrich myself with a psychologist … Well, my sister will earn a little too. By the way, you, the reader, are by no means the psychologist I can help?

With love, Anastasiia Davletshina

Photo: @andreasargentinifotografo

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